Blocked Chute

Blocked Chute

A blocked chute should be attended to as soon as possible to avoid major damage to the chute system, remove odour and fire hazards caused by the build-up of waste. We offer professional services with 24/7 availability, please contact us for prompt service. 

Highrisewm is specialized in chute system unblocking, chute maintenance and chute cleaning services. Rather than using primitive methods of cleaning the chute system that is responsible for a temporary solution,  we believe in employing hi-tech equipment to give permanent relief to our clients. We have started our journey by serving the clients in Docklands suburb of Melbourne. For the last couple of years, we are providing the top-notch chute unblocking services in Melbourne.


Chute systems have become an integral part of today’s residential or commercial property. A great amount of money has to be invested to install these systems which make them a precious asset for the owner. There are many different types of chute systems available on the basis of materials they are used to dump.


These systems are used to supply all recyclable material to the collection area. They are installed in residential as well as commercial buildings.

Rubbish or Garbage:

These systems are installed to provide easy dumping of garbage into dustbins. They can be installed in all residential or commercial buildings.

Linen or Laundry:

These systems are primarily used in hotels or resorts to move washable clothes directly to the laundry area.


We are providing the blocked chute unblocking services in Melbourne. Our services include the unblocking of all major types of chute unblocking i.e. waste, recycling, linen, Laundry, Rubbish & Garbage chute unblocking. In these services, we ensure the removal of all sort of waste material trapped in a system. 


The uncleaned chute system is an open invitation to fire hazards & other worrisome situations. Within docklands, we are providing chute cleaning services to a wide range of customers.

So we have a long list of chute cleaning services that include Waste, Recycling, Linen, Blocked, Laundry, Rubbish & Garbage chute cleaning.


Builders install chute systems for a longtime purpose of relieving people from dumping materials with little efforts. So just having an unblocking or cleaning of the chute system is not the permanent solution but the system requires a continuous maintenance service for its uninterrupted working.

For maintenance, we provide a long array of services to our clients that include maintenance of all type of Chutes.

Why Choose Us? 

At High Rise Waste Management, we have a dedicated team of experts who can provide at most care to your chute system & provide worth to your investment on them. We have years of experience in dealing with high profile customers in Melbourne. For any query or consultation, feel easy to contact us