Chute Cleaning

Regular chute cleaning, deodorising and sanitizing of the entire chute system, chute doors and collection room is recommended to ensure a healthy environment by removal of odours, harmful bacteria and build up of wastes including grease and oils.

We use high quality, eco friendly degreasers and deodorisers to clean the entire internal chute using our custom designed high pressure chute cleaning system. Chute doors are also individually cleaned and deodorised.

Collection room discharge systems, conveyors, carousels and surrounding walls and floors are also degreased and deodorised leaving a pleasant smelling fragrance throughout the entire chute system and collection room.

Used with our high quality odour neutralizers systems and bug eliminator units we can create a long lasting, healthy environment for you building, cleaners and tenants.Professional assistance

Please contact us with any queries, we are sure we will be able to help.